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Why Are You Invite Only, You Elitist Pigs?
We keep Gardenio invite-only to maintain quality and manage growth – this thing is run by, lk, one dude named Roman and he is very tired.

House Rules: Gardenio is food gardening focused. Come here to learn, grow, and find some peace in the garden. We're also privately owned, so it's house rules. Roman decides, suckas. No sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, that crap. You will be banned. The soil doesn't care who the hell you are – you will all become compost. If you want bigotry, you should try Twitter.

How Long The Waitlist Tho? We release new invites every few weeks so it shouldn't be too long before we review and approve your membership request.

We occasionally verify membership by phone. I ain't tryna call you just to talk.

We often release to certain geographies at once.

If you were invited by an existing Gardenio member, paste their invite code here to skip the line.

Tell us about yourself - what got you into growing? What do you hope to get from your Gardenio experience?

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