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Over 30 sultry plant guides

What Do Members Get?

We tell you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Share wins, challenges, and progress with others. We don't gotta grow it alone.

Get a visual community to grow with friends & neighbors – no ads

Friends get notified when each other post – we're a friends first platform. Follow folks you find interesting, or just explore. Post, react, comment, help each other: no influencers, no ads, no filters. Just real people gardening. Radical.

We will tell you when and how to water

We include essential tips, sort your plants by water need, and even give you a chill rotating playlist to water to.

Find all you need to know about your plants in one place

Vetted info on sun, soil, water, pruning, feeding, harvesting, storing, and more.

Make your brain bigger through our Learn portal.

Dig deeper. Geek out on native plants, soil amendments, mulch, compost, y más.

Members are cool kids and only cool kids can invite people.

Your unique invite code lets your friends skip the line for immediate access.

We'll tell you what to do when weather's a-comin

Getting super hot? We'll send you a heat guide. Getting freezy? We'll tell you what to bring in, what to leave out, and how to protect what you've got. Other weather too.

It's worth mentioning our plant advice is very good.

We're community-centric plant geeks that let science lead. We architected our Mother Earth database from the ground up, wrote every word ourselves, and sourced almost entirely from reputable sources like agricultural extension offices, peer-reviewed research, master gardeners, and regional horticulturists. There's a lot of misinformation in gardening, and also a lot we don't know about plants. We cut through that, and present open debates where they exist.

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